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If "factoid" is the diminutive, what's the augmentative?

Time between sunrise and sunset in Edmonton today: seven hours, twenty-seven minutes. But at least the days start getting longer from here on… (þ: Slaw)


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Here in Iqaluit, it's 4 hours, 20 minutes.

Edmonton and points north are always razzed for the incredibly sick discrepancies in temperature (ie. the ability to go from +34 to -46 depending what time of the year you happen to be visiting), while personally its the daylight hours that continue to disturb me: I was in the Peace Region in late June and pulled an all-nighter, noting that while the sun maybe have been below the horizon for a few scant daylight hours, it was never gone: sunlight continued to fill the sky at 3am. Meanwhile, just a couple of weeks ago I drove back up to the area and realized with disgust that I was needing to use headlights at five in the afternoon as the sun was already low enough that a few clouds were making it look awfully close to 3am in June. Its a trigonometric conspiracy I tell ya, and deep down inside I'm convinced the reason Kyoto et al. is such a tough sell in Alberta is as much a sense of payback to the planet that's conspiring as it is the dream of warmer climes on our doorstep.

Garth Wood:

In Calgary, 300km south, it's 7 hours, 55 minutes according to The Sky 6 astronomy software (Colby's referred site disagrees with The Sky by one minute).  The Sun's transit in Calgary (the highest point in the sky) is 12:34 P.M., when it's a whole 15 degrees, 30 minutes and 30 seconds above the horizon.

No wonder it always looks like evening in this part of the world at this time of year...


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