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And they're gonna put the old sign back up

Bad news: At 75, Ken Knowles is selling Edmonton’s Hub Cigar, the best newsstand west of the Lakehead. Good news: he’s selling it to the employees every customer already knows, who plan to market more aggressively and include even more titles. (Of course some will argue it’s a terrible tragedy that the government deflated the real-estate market by increasing petro royalties, allowing businesses like this to survive unruined. For their convenience I’m including the world’s smallest violin in this entry: ∞.)


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Garth Wood:

Ever since moving to Calgary, I've missed very few things about Edmonton, but HUB Cigar is definitely one of them.  Glad to hear it's going to continue on -- I spent many an hour in there, perusing weird and wonderful magazine titles I didn't even know existed, such as "Chance" (a publication catering to statisticians) and another one exclusively for build-'em-yourself model rocket enthusiasts, not to mention daily papers from all corners of the globe...


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