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Running-buddies with Bakunin

When you’re a hardcore Wagnerian—the kind of guy who can’t stand to have fewer than seven different complete recordings of the Ring cycle on his iPod—reading serious broadsheet newspapers basically means accepting a constant risk of running across something ignorant about your favourite composer that pegs your diastolic blood pressure into four digits. (For a weblogger, the standard quantitative proxy for this is the italics-to-roman ratio.)


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Yep, it does annoy me when I hear that Wagner fans are all closet-Nazis. My god if that is the case anyone who likes heavy metal is the same. Wagner was the first metal musician.


Mind you, a large number of heavy metal fans really are Nazis. But to me at least, that just adds to the charm.

Joe Geoghegan:

Metal fans are Nazis?
Let's see here... Whitesnake... Great White... White Lion... it all makes sense!


Actually I think it's Nazis that tend to be metal fans, and not the other way around. I expect very few metal fans are Nazis, but those ones constitute the enormous majority of Nazis.

And I think anything that allows us to socialise peacefully with our Nazi neighbours is a potential doorway to good will and personal development. Understanding that they are human too is a vital first step towards dealing sensibly with them. And at some point, they may well have to be dealt with.

Joe Geoghegan:

"And at some point, they may well have to be dealt with."

For that, I prefer the Jake Blues approach.


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