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Great advice, shame about the timing

Where, oh where, was Michael Weiss when we needed him? His “What Not to Name Your Blog” piece in Slate arrives too late to save the thousands of webloggers who are trying to build brands upon ridiculous classical allusions, stale-the-day-they-were-born “-pundits”, and incomprehensibly weenie collisions of random nouns. As a byline-conscious professional I wisely chose to follow Weiss’s 7th Commandment, “Embrace the solipsism.” The one problem I face is that about 70% of my readers in all venues seem to believe my name is itself an invention. Which I guess it halfway is, but I'm not responsible for it.


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I know the truth. Your name is actually Gouda Cosh.

incomprehensibly weenie collisions of random nouns

Only one of those is a noun. And they're not random. And if I ever am caught trying to "build a brand" through my blog, please kill me.

For you pros, of course, 'tis different, I grant you.


Not to labor a point or anything but dammit, we DID NOT name him after a cheese!! His father read the name in a one of the western books he used to read & really liked it. He wanted to name him "Cole" but somehow Cole just didn't do it for me with Cosh. Can you imagine going thru life with the name Cole Cosh?

There, is that cleared up now?

Colby's Mom


Weiss confused Ed Morrisey's shtick with Steven Den Beste's... Unless sailing ship are regularly taken for star ships.

These guys are both fairly well known. Sure, I'll take Weiss' advice on blogs.

Wait, are you saying that naming my blog after a private in-joke from my university days is what has doomed its regular readership to 15 friends, two cats, and 3 opportunistic spammers?

Phew. I was worried for a moment it was the content.

True story: my wife doesn't read my blog.

But it's a good in-joke.


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