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An amusing baseball-history discovery from Rob at The Reader: Greg Maddux’s first appearance in a major-league baseball game was not as a pitcher.

Bonus fun fact from an IM conversation earlier today with Matt Fenwick: Chris Chelios is about six months older than Roger Clemens. He would be the second oldest player in the majors today (behind 48-year-old Julio Franco, who’s hanging on by his fingertips in Atlanta) if he were a baseball player.


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You're ignoring Alfonso Soriano, who I'm convinced is 52.


Are you sure Franco is the oldest? Surely there's a lefty reliever who's older. Which team does Jesse Orosco pitch for now? What about Bob McClure? Jeff Fassero?

I couldn't have answered without checking, but Fassero retired in February (and he's still younger than Chelios anyway). Hell of a run for a guy who didn't break in until age 28.

Orosco quit in '04, taking the all-time game appearances record with him, and McClure is the pitching coach of the Royals. Right now what we have is a surfeit of ancient lefty starters (Unit, Moyer, Wells, Rogers): the oldest southpaw relievers still kicking around are Rheal Cormier (40), who's been shelled in six Reds appearances but refuses to retire, and Mike Stanton (a slightly younger 40).


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