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30 essential seconds from the YouTube Democrat debate

I love seeing the hands jerk back and forth as everybody checks to see how the others are answering. You already knew that politicians who bawl about climate change were insincere puppets, but did you ever expect to actually see the strings in action? (Bonus hilarity provided by Anderson Cooper, who can barely keep from giggling maliciously as he prepares to ask a question to which he’s surely already obtained a verified answer.)


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That was painful.

They're so cute when they stew in their own hypocrisy!

Anderson Cooper follows the prosecutor's rule: never ask a question you don't already know the answer to.

I'm telling you, carbon offset trading into the guilt-alleviation market (basically, every person wealthy enough to fly and green enough to feel guilty about it) is going to be a huge market (and probably a bigger scam than farming subsidies). Because these guys all want to be president, and they all want to save the environment, but they really, really don't want to fly commercial.

And can you blame them?

Oh, mercy, that was entertaining. Watching Bill Richardson's left hand waver up and down like he was in the last ten seconds of a Flexed Arm Hang was priceless.

they really, really don't want to fly commercial.

And can you blame them?

Half of them wouldn't be allowed to fly commercial; I can imagine that the Secret Service would have a shitfit if Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton tried to fly commercial.

I kinda doubt the Secret Service shitfit, Tybalt. The candidates (who can afford it) fly privately because it's convenient and lets them fit more travel into their schedules.

Well of course they do, and they would do so if the secutiry reasons weren't present. But Obama is under 24-hour Secret Service protection, I bet Clinton would be too (given the number of nutbars who have sworn to take a pop at her) and it's well-known that the SS doesn't allow its protectees - such as the Vice-President or the President's family - fly commercial. (Heck, that's been their policy for a long time, Richard Ben Cramer mentions it in reference to Bush Sr.'s family in his book about the '88 campaign.)

More I cannot say...

Is it well known? I've always assumed that the presidential families fly however they want... does Chelsea Clinton really have to charter a plane for every trip?

Traditionally the secret service only protects major candidates within 120 days of the general election (according to wikipedia). Currently, the only two candidates with protection details are Clinton (because she's the former first lady) and Obama (because he requested it). So those two might be forbidden from riding in coach... the rest, far more than half, can't use that excuse.


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