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Like a rock

Tim RainesSabermetrician Tom Tango recently observed that Tim Raines' high lifetime total of 148 intentional walks is an interesting indicator of the terror he inspired in opponents. Leadoff hitters don't normally draw a lot of IBB because the heart of the order is coming up behind them; Rickey Henderson, the greatest leadoff man of all time, drew just 61 in a much longer career. This chart of every IBB Raines ever took seems to display the increasing respect he commanded as his reputation grew. In his first year he was walked only with a runner on second to set up the double play. By June of his second season managers are walking him with men on second and third to load the bases. Eventually he becomes so difficult to put out that opponents are occasionally walking him with runners on first and third, deliberately preferring to face another hitter at the expense of promoting a man into scoring position. Remarkably, he was intentionally walked on four occasions with nobody out at all, when there could be no hope of an inning-ending double play. Not that you were going to find it a cakewalk getting Raines out on the front end of a DP, anyway.


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My all-time favorite player. He was terrific, did everything well. Even though he didn't have a plus arm, he ALWAYS made the right play, throwing to the correct base, etc.

An amazing SB threat, his numbers career-wise were hurt when Rodgers moved him to the 3 slot for a time when the Expos had no power for the middle of the lineup.

On the bases he was perfect. First to third in a heartbeat. And at the plate he was golden.


how's your team, colby? have i missed a report?

Which team are you talking about?

The Spruce Avenue Supernauts, one would imagine. How are they handling the vaunted (in the pre "reality of Joffrey Lupul" sense of the word) Pete Munro Doctrine?

We've outscored the PMD 7 weeks out of 13 this season, thanks for asking, and we're tied for third in a six-team division. But that sounds better than it is (actual record: 23-29). King Felix has had a troubled year, I've now had two closers (Ryan & Fuentes) blow up on me, and for some reason my lineup selection is snakebit when it comes to starting pitching. On the plus side I was the king of late-round picks this draft year.

(The last four guys I took: Jamie Shields, El Duque, Eric Byrnes, Kelly Johnson. Why couldn't I be that smart in, like, round 7?)

Gord Tulk:

"Like a rock"... funny.


Back on topic--Tim Raines, great player. Miss the 'Spos.


Next Friday is the 25th anniversary of the 1982 All Star Game held at Le Stade Olympique. Remember when the Expos had enough fan support that three of'em could be voted to start the All Star Game (Raines, Dawson, Carter, plus Rogers was named as the starting pitcher)? Remember Trudeau's creepy TV introduction?

We've outscored the PMD 7 weeks out of 13 this season

While somehow sitting 800 points back of them at the moment. Pythagoras is coming.

Well, Boston's been ahead of me 11 weeks out of 13 and is about to go 7-0 in head-to-head play, so if Pythagoras is handing out cookies you'll have to wait in line for the crumbs, sir.


so the sas is showing improved comprehension of the rules, and has a two year bankroll of injury karma (they WILL even out), but may still be a seller come the trade deadline?

If I had anything to sell I'd say "Yes." I may basically have a .500 team here but the talent is very evenly distributed. I have pretty much one superstar—Victor Martinez—and unfortunately I'm not at all sure that anyone else in the league perceives his value correctly. (He's just become eligible at 1B and would be the third highest point-earner in all of baseball there; behind the plate he's been worth 25% more than anyone but Russ Martin.) The others guys who are producing big for me, like Helton, Byrnes, and KJ, are pursued by question marks and may be worth more after a full year. Plus I bet heavily on Pedro for the second half and there's a strong argument I should stick it out and see that through.


good luck.


Colby: So that falling asleep during the draft thing didn't work out for you? :-)

Tim Raines was very patient at the plate and his crouched stance made him a very tough out. Not to mention, he had a great eye for balls and strikes.


Hi, I think Tim Raines Rocks, hence "The Rock". I am interested in writing him a letter. He suffers from lupus, and I would just like to give him words of encouragement. I want to make sure he sees the letter; any suggestions of where I can post this letter? I sure do think he is strong, caring and gifted.


He is the hitting coach of the Harrisburg Senators of the Eastern League. I would suggest writing to him in care of the club.
The mailing address is P.O. Box 15757, Harrisburg, PA 17105.


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