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Time to test the image-uploading function...

Riyo Mori...and who better to begin with than the life-alteringly hot 2007 Miss Universe, Riyo Mori, who attended Centennial Secondary School in Belleville, Ont.? Research by Japundit's Marie Mockett has uncovered the Svengali behind the Miss Universe Japan organization—a French consultant who decided that improving Japan's track record in beauty pageants required only the simple expedient of totally reversing modern Japanese standards of femininity.

[Ines] Ligron says Japanese girls are long-legged and slim with beautiful skin and can be very much like a chameleon—their look can change dramatically depending on the make-up and color of their hair. "The quality they need to acquire most of all is self-confidence concerning both their physical beauty and their mind. Articulating their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs is difficult for young women anywhere. But Japanese girls have to stop trying to be kawaii, and be more sensual," she suggests.

I don't really know if that was the secret to victory, of course, but I've been through Belleville and I can tell you that that old proverb about how "there must be something in the water" definitely doesn't apply.

[TECH NOTE: No, MT's image-uploading system doesn't work--the file I uploaded definitely didn't end up where MT promised me it would. Good old-fashioned FTP and HTML anchors, on the other hand, seem to do just fine. Once again Notepad saves the day.]


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Wordpress has the same problem. It's annoying as hell, especially it tends to ignore my HTML anchors most of the time, too. Blogger is still the best blogging platform I have come across, despite its limitations.

Kevin Milligan:

I grew up in Belleville. There is something in the water there I think, but it doesn't make you look like this. Quite the opposite, really, I had thought.

Oh, and Centennial sucks. Back in the day, when they decided to open a new high school, they considered first the name 'South Hastings Institute of Technology.' Centennial Secondary School looked better on the letterhead, for some reason . . . or so goes the local mythology.

Moira Trojans rule!

My buddy's actually custom-made his own posting setup with Ruby on Rails. It's not a total blog implementation yet (no comments or trackbacks), and you have to Notepad up the HTML (though that hardly bothers me -- no wasted code when it's not auto-generated), but it suits his and my purposes very well.

Kevin Aylward:

Go get a copy of the Better File Uploader 2.0 plugin from http://www.eatdrinksleepmovabletype.com/plugins/better_file_uploader/

It's much, much, much better.


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