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More sample content: top 10 porn names amongst major-league ballplayers

10. Vinnie Chulk
9. Boof Bonser
8. Dave Bush
7. J.J. Putz
6. Ben Sheets
5. Rocky Cherry
4. Nook Logan
3. Jimmy Gobble
2. Jon Coutlangus
1. Ross Gload


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Looks sharp!

Will there be Stanley Cup finals blogging?

Don't hold your breath. But I am, with heavy heart, predicting a Ducks win.


Permalinks? Comments?!? You've changed, man.

I'd also like to nominate Rocco Baldelli, and all the Latinos callously overlooked in this Americo-centric exercise.

Male porno names really need to have that Anglo-Saxon thud. If anybody should feel cheated here, it's Bob Fick.

And Randy Johnson. Too obvious to include, perhaps, but too good to overlook.

How could you overlook Nick Swisher of the Oakland A's? Homophobe!

Suuuure. Next you guys are gonna tell me there's a baseball player named Phallus McHorny.


No, but the Reds' pitching coach is Dick Pole...

Dick Pole is disqualified because he actually did a few stag reels to pick up extra cash in 1977 and 1978.


The list gets even longer with retired major leaguers who sound as if they were in the porn industry, such as Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown. Or Dick Burns , who may actually have played both. Or Jack Coffey , who probably only played ball and watched porn... or, um, maybe it was played porn and....





Rob, you made me laugh real hard with that link.


How about Rich Sexson?

If we're allowed past players, there is a clear all-time champion: Hollywood Squares scion, Japanese-baiting, good-field-no-hit former KC Royals first baseman Pete LaCock.


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