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It's hip to be square

I think it's a heck of a gesture for Post to support its aggressive marketing of delicious new Diamond Shreddies™ by making downloadable boxcover artwork available on the net.


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Yum! You have to admit that's a brilliant marketing gimmick. I still prefer Golden Grahams though.


Oh, come now, gentlemen, this is just crackers!


This is funny if you're Canadian, right?

Because to this here American it just seems kinda weird, but not especially funny or amusing or the like.


I'd like a Count Chocula boxcover big enough to be printed out and worn on sandwich boards.

Hi Sigivald-
Do you really think there is a cultural difference here? Or just a personal preference. My wife just rolled her eyes at the commercial but I couldn't stop laughing.
But let's say it's cultural. Why would Americans not find it funny do you think?


I'm unlikely to buy Shreddies, but the ad campaign is a hoot.


Is anyone else besides an untravelled Statesider impressed that half of it's in Spanish? I'd thought that up there everyone said "It's aboot time," but they at least meant it in English.

Sean E:

I'm pretty sure that's French, not Spanish. Pretty much all packaging up here is half in French, even in the provinces where French is maybe the fifth or sixth most widely spoken language (after Cree, Ukranian, German, Mandarin ...).

That's the first I've heard of the marketing campaign. Not spit milk out my nose funny, but it definitely got a chuckle out me.


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