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UPDATE, July 1 - This section is newly updated, and for the moment all the links work. With the demise of the Report, they certainly will stop working at some point, but in the meantime, enjoy this selection of my print items from recent years. - The Management

Smoke-blowing Spookily accurate predictions about the Mazankowski health report

Supremely sensible A good week, and some rare praise, for Canada's highest court

Truth is more complex A distinguished B.C. historian finds both sorrow and sanctity in the history of a West Coast residential school

First to the judge, then the doctor Parents of autistic children in B.C. win a court fight to get provincial funding for a controversial therapy

A deal is not a deal The Miglin decision has Canadian divorce lawyers quaking in their boots

The martyr who came to stay How a victim of Soviet savagery made his way to freedom in Western Canada

Rehabilitation beyond the grave Will it do any genuine good to pardon Canada's executed soldiers from WW1?

The man who wouldn't swear A civil servant refuses to pledge allegiance to the Queen

Whose infamy? Pearl Harbor revisionism from an unexpected--and frighteningly reliable--source

Canadian bats in baseball's belfry How a carpenter and his maple bats are revolutionizing the old ball game

A most improbable cure Giving homeless alcoholics free booze sounds crazy, but it might be sheer genius

Tarred and feathered Canadian government hypocrisy on cigarette labelling

Cigarettes a brain food? New research on how nicotine may prevent Alzheimer's

The jury under attack An important, but very dry, article about how the bedrock of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence is disappearing

Saddamized from afar A chat with the Alberta artist whose work was stolen by Saddam Hussein