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Jim Vandermeer's bogus journey

Tonight's winning goal for Columbus. I defy anyone to explain the actions of the Oilers' #2 on this play. He drifts about 80 feet out of position to hit Umberger AND nearly takes out Ales Hemsky, who is trying to catch up on the backcheck. RESULT: OHIO REVITALIZATION PARTY, NUL POINTS POUR L'EDMONTON


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As I noted in my Twitter comment about this video, when the goal gets scored only two Oilers are even visible on screen, and its clear that only three of the five skaters were even in the zone. There is absolutely no reason that the Columbus rush, which started on their own blue line, should be so unopposed. Horc at least was trapped deep in enemy territory trying to force a turnover.

If Columbus is moving the puck towards the Oilers net, all Oilers players should be moving in the same direction at at least some sort of velocity.


Heh. What the heck was that? I replayed it the first time and it made no sense, I watched the second time and said, OK, watch Vandermeer as closely as possible to figure out what happens after he clears the zone.

Nope, still confused. He clears the zone, the camera shifts, and then five seconds later he is back in the frame. In front of the Oiler bench.

The only explanation I can offer is that Vandermeer thought he was supposed to change and got caught out. Then he saw Umberger with his head down and the mist came down b/c Umberger had made them look bad already. Otherwise, it's just a defenseman wandering up to the red line when his team is backchecking.

Which you do see, in fairness. In peewee.


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