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More hockey stats minutiae

Putting this here so I have half a chance of finding it later: I agree with Puck Prospectus that this article [PDF] is the most interesting analytical novelty of 2010 in hockey. I also don't know how much practical use it is, since you apparently need three seasons of data to make the numbers come out looking realistic. But I've been experimenting with a similar approach to isolating player contributions myself, and it wouldn't surprise me if three years just happens to be how long it takes...


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The paper on Henrik and Daniel:

"... the model has a dif´Čücult time separating the contributions of the twin brothers."


It's a serious problem! Pretty much the first one you run into: if two guys play together almost exclusively, their small-sample apart-results will be volatile and perhaps unrealistically extreme. There's no free lunch when it comes to isolating individual contributions.


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