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Bye Mike

Yes, Modano's a great hockey player and a great guy. Yes, premeditated headshots are pretty terrible. This video is still always, always going to crack me up. Especially the surprise ending.


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I believe this actually won an award: Most Awesomely Appropriate YouTube Clip Title Ever.

Having not seen this before and knowing Messier, when they included the footage of EMTs loading him into an ambulance I half expected Messier to come in WWF-style and finish the job.

Long-time Anonymous Reader:

I know this is totally off topic, but although I'm not going to register to comment on Macleans.ca, I still wanted to say that it is pure joy reading your prose there. Even in a relatively serious column like the one about the 13-year-old on Everest, your vocabulary and sentence construction is a delight.

"...undignified races to the top by people with various classes of debility or identity-group memberships..."

"...sponsored cripples and hapless plutocrats..."

I'm having a hard time thinking of another columnist or blogger who compares. (If you're uncomfortable with this kind of non-ironic praise, you could always shift the emphasis by pointing me to some who do.)

Long-time Anonymous Reader:

Well, you really outdid yourself on the KFC article. Great first paragraph, but come on, did you have to hit a Fog Index Rating of 19 on the third one? A hundred and sixteen words in a sentence? Are you really trying to limit your readership to Ph.D dropouts? (Actually, come to think of it, they may be the ones who best appreciate your brand of cynicism.)

In the long run I'm hoping to limit it to me.

Long-time obsessive compulsive ass-kisser:

Colby, you're almost Christ-like in your pithiness. Your piece in Macleans actually gently masturbated me until I came. That's right, when I got to Paragraph 11 I splooged all over myself, right there in the doctor's office. They were going to have me arrested, but when I explained I had read your piece they just said "Oh oh oh, okay," and let me alone as I wept.


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