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Hey! HEY!

Are you keeping up with my Maclean's blog? Because, frankly, I get to see the visitor counts in the server log and I'm not at all convinced that you are! I'm very disappointed. What do you need, an RSS feed? There is one! Do you need a Twitter feed? I have one! Do you need an RSS feed of the Twitter feed? Incredibly, this is feasible! I don't know what else your mother and I can do for you. We've tried so hard.


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Yeah yeah, we all love the new Macblog. And yeah, you were right: EO Wilson's "A Bug's Life" adaptation was really, really good.

What do you need from us? more blog comments? Creating Maclean's accounts? More down-rating of Lord Kitchener's Own? Micropayments?

Your general output over there is pretty impressive both in quality and quantity. I will seriously regret it when you eventually burn out!

PS: How about those Oilers eh?

A Canucks Fan.

Dave Himrich:

I am! I am following it! I get the alerts via the Facebook statusfeed of your Twitterstream, an outlet that you didn't even mention. (In theory I could have SMS notify me on my phone when they occur.) I have not registered to comment at the Maclean's site because I assume that it is off-limits to non-Canadians.

You're kidding about that last part, right?


I subscribed to your Macleans blog through Google Reader. Does that show up on your server logs?

Dave Himrich:

Yeah, I was kidding. I figured I could sign up, but I haven't visited Canada in several years now and I'm afraid my Canadian language skills are a little rusty.


I can't speak for anyone else, but the constant drumbeat of Harper-is-the-Devil prorogation hysteria from certain parties over there has made my visits much less frequent, recently. I don't suppose you can do anything about that, though.


The above by "delano" is true is true, but at least the comments are miles and miles beyond the idiocy that is the comment section of Full Comment.


Great article, fabulous title. Can you work "Tin Man" and "Barnaby Jones" into future articles?


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