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Spot news from dry country

Burning trailer

We ran across this spectacle Monday night on our way to the Lloydminster bus station; it was close enough to home that my parents might easily have recognized the driver, but it wasn't anybody they knew. Doesn't look like much, but right now the lost bales are probably worth as much as the old trailer.

Burning trailer


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I'm out here near Alberta Beach, about 60 klicks west of Edmonton. In a good year my dad gets three cuts of hay from his fields. This year it was more like 0.5 cuts. His other feed crops didn't fare much better - he didn't even bother to harvest his barley.

It's probably worse in this part of alberta than it was in the last really dry year (2005?) when round bales were going for upwards of $500 a bale near the peak of winter. The cattle have stripped all the leaves from the trees.

I'm not sure what square bales would go for in a year like this, but you're probably right when you say that the load was worth more than the trailer.


I just finished watching the House season premiere. Have all the writers started taking meds as well? My hopeful prediction is that he plays nice for about 2 episodes and then returns to his old playful self.....the whole thing came across as preachy...like an extended advertisement for the pharmaceutical industry...

It's not that dry back at the homestead this year; the water levels in the ponds and sloughs are low but reasonable, better than I recall them being in 2007. Folks there complain about water every year, but it sounds like the local haying is somewhere between OK and excellent. Spot prices for feed are fairly high, though, so that burnt hay was needed somewhere.

Thor's given a good example of my general problem with the House premiere. I seem to recall the show kicking Big Pharma square in the cock with a plotline about me-too drugs in Season 2.


"Small Fire in Canada, Not Many Hurt"

Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.


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