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Seriously, not one?

MC79hockey points out that J.F. Jacques, who is said to be pretty well guaranteed to make the Edmonton Oilers roster, has the worst offensive statistics of any young forward in the NHL since the 1920s. I.e., since before passing was legal in the offensive zone. JFJ has played sixty games in the league without recording an assist; I do not think Tom Barrasso, for one, ever accomplished this. I can't boast that I am always the last person to give up on a young player, but wouldn't it be fair to say that a forward who is not only bad offensively but historically bad should be extremely, extremely good defensively to be considered for an NHL lineup?


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One goal and forty-four penalty minutes. Perhaps he's meant to be an enforcer?

He is tentatively slated to begin 2009-10 on the Oilers' first line. I wish I were joking.


I think a case can be made that Jacques has had so many injuries we may never have seen him completely healthy until this fall.

Having said that, he didn't exactly score a hatty in G1.

There have been quite a few other injured young players in the league since 1929. We need an excuse that is a great deal more exotic than that.


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