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For the record

It may be the hottest rumour on Internet sites, but forget about Mike Comrie and the Edmonton Oilers kissing and making up.
"It ain't happening ... he ain't coming here," said a well-informed source. "Mike doesn't fit any need that we have right now."
...[The Oilers] can't add a body unless they can move salary, but that didn't stop the Internet buzz around Comrie, who turns 29 on Sept. 11. He was supposed to be returning on a one-year, $1.3-million contract after an acrimonious parting in 2003.
-Jim Matheson, the Edmonton Journal's Hall of Fame hockey reporter, Aug. 29

Comrie is said to have signed a one-year contract with the Oilers today, but this information comes from the Internet, so, y'know, grain of salt and all that.


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You can't fault the anonymous source's logic, though. They should make him GM if the MSM ever outs him.


I imagine the "source" was one of the voices in Jim Matheson's head.

Or one of the ones in Garnet's...

The troubling and very real possibility is that the source IS THE GM.


This is going to be a long season with or without Comrie.


kill me now.

Fred S.:

Cee Cee,

This is off-topic, but I was perusing your Twitter feed, which I do most Sundays after Mass and before heading down to the Knights of Columbus, when I came across this:

"In The Loop: movie followup to BBC's The Thick Of It that has most of the cast playing different-but-similar roles. Singularly vexatious."

Was the film in general "singularly vexatious" or just the fact that the old players had different roles? If the latter, what did you think of the film in toto?


Fredward Michael Shanahan

It's a good movie. Gandolfini chews some scenery, and My Girl is all growed up. Don't know that there's much in it for you if you aren't already a fan of Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker character; he goes through a sort of comeuppance/apotheosis that is presumably a lot more powerful if you know the background. Fortunately, The Thick of It is on YouTube in its entirety, so you can take the course first and then write the exam.

Crid [CridComment @ gmail]:

OK, so who's this "Walter" guy he mentions at head and toe?

Crid [CridComment @ gmail]:

Hey Colby, you're blog just cross-posted a comment. No... Really... No visitor to the blog would ever make a mistale like that


Comrie had a hell of a game against the Panthers...

I'd like to take a step back from the do not resusciate order....


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