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Fishwrap syndrome

My Friday Post column is a call to legalize competitive mixed martial arts in Ontario and Vancouver, though it seems to be inevitable anyhow. Great topic, strong arguments, and yet I kind of blew it because of my commitment to an awkward literary conceit. Don't miss Tuesday's Steve McNair column, which is attracting wide international readership.


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Crid [CridComment@gmail]:

| colbycoshAnybody tried the (North
| American mainland version of the)
| Teriyaki McChicken? There's a
| billboard by my place.
| 16 minutes ago from web

The billboards are chewy, and the sauce doesn't help.

Steve C:

Two good columns, especially the McNair one.

The MMA column was better than the Globe's entire MMA special (Brunt, Christie & Dowbiggin) on Saturday.

Alex B.:

Brunt's column wasn't bad, but wow, James Christie's was atrociously lazy. Much the same as the Globe's web design, reading that was like taking a time machine to 1998.

Something that seems to be underreported is how popular the sport, and especially the realty show, is with woman. At most of the Pay-per-view parties I've attended, there are almost always as many women excited for the card as men.

Out of curiosity, are you a longtime supporter of the sport, Mr. Cosh?

Not at all. I watched some of the really early Wild West-type UFCs on PPV with friends back in university, and that's about it.

Alex B.:

Not at all. I watched some of the really early Wild West-type UFCs on PPV with friends back in university, and that's about it.

I used to rent the VHS tapes of those with my little brother. I can't remember if it was UFC 7 or 8, but we were pretty bored with the Tank Abbott era, and I don't think I watched another UFC fight until the hype around the Chuck Liddell/Tito Ortiz feud. I was shocked how much the sport had changed.

For anyone that hasn't seen it, this is a good example of what the sport was like before being sanctioned:




I have noticed Alex's observation is true. I know FAR more women than men who love and are obsessed with UFC matches, particularly women from south-east asia. Its always a little odd, and I never am popular when I explain to them that I haven't enjoyed the sport since it lost all claim to being "ultimate": matches won by decision.


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