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This week's Cosh

My column for today's Post is about what went wrong with pandemic planning in northern Manitoba communities: Health Canada's internal argument about sending ethanol-based hand sanitizer to places where ethanol is (unwisely) outlawed was a legitimate one, but it should have happened in, y'know, the actual planning stage. (Tuesday's poorly-focused rant about warrantless disclosures of internet-customer information is here, if you missed it.)


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colby please register atmy site so I can feature your blog

Nathan Muhly:

What the hell kind of nickel and dime spam filter are you using, anyway?

Fred S.:

Hey Colby,

Whadja think of Edward Michael George's critique - perhaps "evisceration" would be more accurate - of your warrant piece? Did it make you want to bury your head under the nearest pile of Dr. Pepper bottles? Will you be continuing with this punditry thing or are you considering returning to the family beet-farm?

Here's the link for them what's interested:


Fred S.:

The only Spam filter Cosh needs is one over his mouth. Hi-Yo!

I hadn't seen this "evisceration." The column put him in a foul mood, but I don't deny its weirdness, and he concedes that even in a purple period, half my columns are still pretty good. I think by his own admission that would leave me comfortably in the top decile, so you'll pardon me if I ignore the supposed risk of stepping on my own guts.

It's such a generous observation that I can perhaps even overlook the baffling ascription of the "fiscally conservative but... not socially conservative" cliché to someone who has never uttered or written it. If I had, the criticism would be just; since I haven't, it amounts to a complaint that occupying such a political quadrant is simply impermissible a priori. Should I apologize for being a libertarian? My quarrel with the Leviathan state isn't merely a technical opposition to deficits, but if EMG wants to make shit up, I can't stop him.


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