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The Hellu say

Friday's Post column is about the deep tripartite mystery of the first, fruitless contact between Europe and America. Our Virgil—and could there be a better choice?—is Jorge Luis Borges, that mighty miniaturist of the New World.


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This was a fascinating bit of column, but I fear the writing was so clumsy in parts you obfuscated the actual controversy. I had to read it two or three times to parse who preferred what theory, and why this new discovery mattered.

Nonetheless, thanks for pursuing such an interestingly off-the-path story. The Post ought to keep you around just to have someone who frequently strays from raw politics as a subject.

Ought to? I thought they had been. This column got a few "wow, neat"s but it probably did need more inches, more revision, or less Borges.

Ah, the two most common problems professional writers face: being edited too heavily, or not being edited enough.

In a newspaper, the kind of edit we're talking about can't be done after the author's deadline. It had better just come out of your head the right way in the first place.

Well, whatever reason the Post's overlords have chosen to spare you, I support it :).

Just make the longer version of this column your book project. Unless you're already working on Evil Drunken Asshole: the John A. MacDonald Story.

Ben Capoeman:

You already pointed us to Kate Beaton's explanation for the Viking failure to colonize L'anse aux Medows.


She also did the JAMacD story.



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