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My short Walrus profile of new Alberta Liberal leader David Swann has found its way to the web. I didn't select the headline, but I like it!


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True to type, my mother is a liberal Calgarian teacher who laments that her provincial vote has never counted even a single time. And true to kind, David Swann took her to the prom.

I fear you may be right that (to spin you a little) he's too good for politics: better admired as an activist and a bloody-minded idealist than a party leader. Sort of like Stephen Lewis, who has been an righteous and tireless pain in the ass in his narrow role as the UN's Special Envoy on AIDS, but you can't quite see him running a government. Hell, I even admired Jack Layton before he got into federal politics.

Still, as the son of a liberal Calgarian teacher, I find Swann a perfectly suitable candidate on whom to forfeit my next vote. Who better to make it twenty-four?

Just how many voters do you suppose Swann took to the prom?


I don't vote and tell.

Wait...drat. I guess I tell and vote.

I suspect the limited availability to hackers has something to do with it. ,


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