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Mea culpa, though not exactly maxima

Tuesday's column is a personal reflection on my complicated lifelong relationship with Apple—a relationship now transformed by my purchase of an iPod Touch. There's no National Post on Good Friday; try not to miss me too much.


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Alex B.:

Will you be having a funeral for your last media player?

With as much dignity as he could muster, the writer gathered up the sad remains of his shattered Zune. Later that night, alone in the backyard, he buried it next to the garage. Now I could never be sure, but I thought that I heard the sound of "Taps" being played. Gently.

It was a $20 1-GB device, and I'm sure it's found a happy home in Washington, D.C., where I accidentally left it behind last year.

I almost bought a Touch. Decided to go with a Nano instead. Figured I didn't want to be strapping a Touch to my arm when I go running and want music.

Twas an interesting article. I don't have an iPhone or TouchPod (waiting to self-justify the $60/mo cost of the phone), but I often tell acquaintances that the reason I have a Mac laptop is because I hate doing my (IT) job at home.

This precept has mostly worked out very well. That company has now spent about a decade producing a series of brilliant devices. Their core bit of brilliance is always the software, though.

I can't see myself buying a Touch, partly because I already have an 80 GB normal that works just fine, and partially because I've learned that it's better to wait for two or three hardware iterations before taking the plunge, because Apple always either a) forgets something stupid, like copy and paste, or b) adds something really clever that is obvious in hindsight only, like the click wheel. Plus, I've had a PDA before, and that shit gets scratched to hell but fast.

So I'll wait and see if my current carrier (Solo) has gone GSM by the time my current contract is up and see about just getting an iPhone and being done with it. By then, maybe it'll have a better camera and a more favourable contract, too.

Canadian cell carriers are still fighting against cheap SMS messaging. I imagine we'll be downloading ourselves into new cyborg bodies long before we get routinized, affordable 3G throughput.

Shhhh. Let me have my fantasies. ;)


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