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On Ovechkin

Alexander OvechkinI had thought the social rule that covered enthusiastic goal celebrations in the NHL was quite clear: they're permitted to those who score more often than anyone else, whose creativity and individuality is a benefit to the game as a whole, and to those who score less often than anyone else, who can't be begrudged. A guy like Ovechkin has no peers fit to try him, and that's why Sid Crosby is being so diplomatic; he hasn't secured the unquestioned upper hand in their rivalry yet (quite the contrary), and it's worse to look like an envious wuss than it is to be a showboat. Look, when the All Blacks do the haka on the rugby pitch, no one ever asks "Who do these guys think they are?"


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But when is it permitted in another team's rink? My list for that one begins and ends at "you just scored an overtime goal in game seven of the Stanley Cup final".

I don't think that has much to do with it as long as you're not taunting or challenging the crowd itself. You think people were upset that they got to see Ovechkin's 50th?

I'd have been upset to see Ovechkin score his fiftieth in Edmonton, because hey, the Oilers would have just been scored on. Ovechkin joining the likes of Craig Simpson in the ranks of fifty-goal men is nice and all, but if someone hotdogged like that after scoring on my team I might have torn out my seat and thrown it at him.

Nice pic of Leonsis' ass.

Half Canadian:

Please post frequently. That picture is not what I come for.

But it does indicate what Ovechkin is.

This old guard NHL, Don Cherry shit is so weak.

How can people not love this Russian? Do people detect even a hint of malice in his "antics"? If not, then it can't be an issue of "respect for the game" or whatever it is their trying to pin on one of the few fun players in the league.

What I find insulting to the game is the treacly "Tim Bits" commercials that Sidney Crosby keeps pumping out.

Mike W:

My god, the typos. Serves me write for trying to write on the sly at work.

Still, best comment ever. Now I'M mad too.


I just watched the clip and thought it was hilarious!! The guy has a sharp sense of humour in addition to a deep well of talent. It sure beats Tiger Williams' riding his stick around the arena.

More to the point, there comes a time when hockey fans have to allow their appreciation for an individual player's talent to trump team loyalties.

Michael Jordan was one of the worst trash-talkers in NBA history and he absolutely transcended the traditional fan-base. And thank god he started shaving his head, breaking trail for the follicly (sp) challenged, such as myself.

Lord Bob:

More to the point, there comes a time when hockey fans have to allow their appreciation for an individual player's talent to trump team loyalties.

True. I still remember the loving cheers Wayne Gretzky got every time he played in Calgary.

So you're claiming you get angry at Ovechkin when he posterizes some young Oiler defenceman and whoops it up a little? Because I'd say the Coliseum boos the home team a lot more often than it boos opposing superstars (as opposed to divers, dirty players, and the refs).


CC, other countries perform the haka. They're just not as good or famous as the NZ All Blacks. Sure it's about intimidation but it's performed before the match and a cultural thing rather than a "look everybody I just scored!" thing. If the All Blacks did the haka after a try they would be rightly ridiculed.

And Mike W, I'm no Cherry disciple but I prefer some malice in the game, but between the whistles. Gary Roberts comes to mind.

I think the NHL is approaching critical mass wrt fighting, showboating etc. Next two years will be very interesting.


I was more insulted that he couldn't come up with an original performance. People have been doing the "start a fire, warm hands" routine since the dawn of time, particularly in football. I just did it five minutes ago after I finally handed in a memo on time.

Oh, he's the most creative player of our time, is he? Come up with a new celebration, then.


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