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OK, maybe it was an overreaction

When I heard that Daryl Katz, having bought Edmonton's Golden League baseball team, was discarding the wretched, idiotic "Cracker-Cats" brand, I swear my first thought was "Dear God, let us immediately build this mighty benefactor a new NHL arena at public expense."


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Lord Bob:

Much as "Cracker-Cats" was a lousy name, "go Edmonton's Golden League Baseball Team go!" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

tomtuttle from tacoma:

The more sane solution, although requiring a long-term approach, is to follow the Ted Rogers strategy: buy a tax-payer funded sports arena for pennies on the dollar years after its been paid for. I'd love to know what the sky-dome is valued at versus what Rogers paid for it. Can't wait to see what the real numbers for Vancouver's olympic adventures will be...socialization of loss, privatization of profit. Plus ca change..


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