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Just a little too long to be a Tweet

Like Jon Kay, I find it ridiculous that Richard Florida has gotten fantastically rich for, essentially, writing over and over again that gay people are the secret key to wealth creation. On the other hand, I can't prove it's not true.


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And just what exactly are gay people doing to create wealth, what inventions and innovations are they creating? Sorry, but that is pathetic. I'll hasten to add that I doubt he's gotten fantastically wealthy selling those books. Rather, that this man is claiming that has happened, and it's just one more thing you can't prove is not true. The only things gays are the secret key to, is fascism.

Lord Bob:

Gays as the secret key to fascism? That explains the weekly Mussolini Nights at the local gay bar...

Half Canadian:

Maybe not the Mussolini bars, but maybe the speech codes and human rights councils.

But it does seem a little early for Godwin's law to be apparent. Whatever their faults, there isn't that much iron the velvet glove for it to be called fascism.

Crid [cridcridatgmail]:

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Crid [cridcridatgmail]:


Jon Kay finds it ridiculous that Richard Florida's rich for writing that gays are the secret to wealth. But I can't prove it's not true.

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Usual fee.

Lord Bob:

Not enough "really"s.

"The only things gays are the secret key to, is fascism."

Or at least the post-WWII European far-right.

And a lot of early Nazism, too. (Gays and Ouija board cranks.)

The question is whether gays attract wealth (Dr. Florida's theory) or wealth attracts gays (mine).

Let's look for some counter-examples to Florida's theory.

- By the end of the 1970s, Houston was said to have the fourth largest gay population in the country. Houston was not particularly tolerant, it just happened to get ridiculously rich in the 1970s due to oil price hikes. So, gays flocked there.

- New Orleans (before Katrina): Lots of tolerance, lots of gays, very little new money being made.

- Las Vegas (before mortgage meltdown): Lots of tolerance, lots of money being made, not many gays (outside of the lion-taming business).


Robert Speirs:

Oh, come on! Without gays how would the creative and productive people know whether what they were doing was truly fabulous!!?


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