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But is it set to "stir" or "liquefy"?

Oilers radio broadcast note: how long has colour man Bob Stauffer been saying "MacT has switched on the blender" without having to explain or apologize for the metaphor at all? This used to be a strictly net-only cliché, but Christ, we're now one small step away from having an animated THE BLENDER IS ON! scoreboard graphic with audio effects.


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More importantly, why did you link to Staples rather than the Glossary?

Why Staples? It has to be Staples.

(Editor: please insert link to unrelated Staples post here.)


I'm going to take the opportunity of a sports-related post to officially request an update on your fantasy baseball team. Last I heard you had drafted your second year team, can't remember the details but nothing since then. You'd be heading into season 4 by now, correct? I realize that this is the equivalent of somebody genuinely wanting to see your vacation photos, but I am curious.

Season 2: backed into the playoffs, shocked the reigning champion with a memorable week from Todd Helton, lost the division final. Y3 keepers were Helton, Byrnes, Atkins, Peavy, McCann, Hart. Got off to awe-inspiring 21-7 start with a stacked rotation & Soria + Lidge as closers. But Helton, Byrnes were exposed as fragile, Peavy couldn't buy a win in SD, and I scraped into playoffs at 52-40 and suffered a quick euthanasia.

Picking Y4 keepers much like recession: frozen market, rampant inefficiencies, frustration. Made McCann-for-Mauer challenge trade late in '08, saw Mauer suffer kidney trouble(!), back problems. Had to keep him anyway. Had to keep Peavy for Ks even though SD will stink again. Had to tag Atkins, who should be a top 3B but might be coming apart like Archie Andrews' jalopy. (Graph of peripheral stats is among most bizarre in history of game.) Kept Hart, Stephen Drew, pivotal 2008 star Chad Billingsley. Had to drop Soria & Lidge, erratic Milton Bradley, Conor Jackson, lots of other borderline guys. Team is without superstars for yet another year.

Draft is scheduled for Mar. 28. Feel destined to finish 4th in division unless I can work miracle. Really, really need Mauer to recover and hit about .340.

Sean Phelan:

I wouldn't count on Mauer for much this year...even during his good years, he's only worth having if he's hitting for average. But now with the injuries, who knows how many AB's he'll get - so even if he has a good average, it won't help you much.

Catcher is so deep this year; I'd grab Chris Iannetta or Ramon Hernandez in a late round.

"He's only worth having if he's hitting for average"? Well, yeah, I guess so, but isn't that like saying "Ryan Howard is only worth having if he's hitting home runs"? The guy's won two of the last three batting titles.

Anyway, the position is inherently shallow--even now there are as many guys on the way out of the game and cities where the work is split as there are exciting new entrants--but I usually manage to have two good catchers on the roster even when everything else sucks. Plus, today's news on Mauer is basically good, since there appears to be agreement that he's suffering inflammation in a specific spot, and not (a) back pain without an apparent cause or (b) a lesion requiring surgical intervention.


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