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You can almost hear the quietly intoned 'fuck it' before the first word

My Tuesday column for the National Post was planned in a moment of ennui and calculated to offend (though by means of truthful utterances, to be sure); naturally it immediately became one of the most lavishly praised things I've written. Isn't that always the way? Catch up here if you missed it.


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Lord Bob:

My theory: the sorts of people likely to be offended by that column are also the sorts of people who wouldn't stop reading their copy of the Toronto Star even if it was on fire.

On the chance that my first theory is incorrect (Colby hatched from an orphaned egg, and his first meal was the weakest of his brood-mates), isn't the next Cosh family dinner liable to be a bit awkward?

No, the egg thing is pretty much spot on.


You have tapped into all of the latent dyspeptic curmudgeonliness of a generation, my friend. Viva la revolucion!


I quite enjoyed the article and sent it around to my circle of semi-angry-not-so-young-men.

Have you seen that "Just for Men" hair dye commercial? I just about lost my lunch when I first saw it. (I'm not alone apparently: http://www.avclub.com/articles/i-hate-this-commercial-just-for-mens-summer-of-lif,9280/ )I also yelled out in the theatre "I wish the boomers would just die" after seeing the Across the Universe trailer.

I dunno...Gen-X isn't that much different from the boomers - we just get stuck watching them eternally pat themselves on the back, and that's what grates.

As if I need to actually watch the commercial to fly into a rage over a haircare product, or anything else, that incorporates a Grateful Dead reference.


Mind if I call you Jeremiah? He said something about the women who tripped around in their stylish clothes of the time would eat their own children.

Somewhat similar.



Now that you're enjoying Baby Boomers getting their comeuppance as much as I have, now do you believe in God?


Should read 'as I am' not 'as I have'.

Mike Poholka:

I love it!


hey, I'm a boomer and I thought you were spot on.
It seemed to me a rather reasoned analysis of the situation. I detected no bitterness or anger.
i loved it


This blogger really nailed your "whiny claptrap" for what it is:
I particularly like the sentence: "So is Colby Tosh 'Colby the Cool?' I don't think so - More like Cosh, Laird of Tosh