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They'll probably never make it

"On our last night in London, we went to a performance by an extraordinary new pop group called The Who. They've only existed as The Who for about a year, but already their fame in England is enormous. Their individuality is based on an overwhelming use of amplification and sound distortion. A performance by The Who is mesmerizing and exhausting." That's what's happening in London in the autumn of 1966, as reported by Paul Soles and (a gamine but disappointingly un-chic) Adrienne Clarkson.


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I can't help it. I just love those clothes.

And Paul Jones is absolutely adorable. Can you imagine a male pop star acting like that today? I wanted to eat him up with a silver spoon. He was so wonderfully shy when he spoke about "changing attitudes to sex". When he talks about living in Camden Town with his girlfriend, he looks so wistful... that little smile... oh, just too much.


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