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I like 'em and I'm going to smoke 'em

News of the World Phelps coverMy internationally celebrated*, "absolutely fantastic"* Friday column tackles the subject of "disgraced", bong-hitting man-dolphin Michael Phelps. Phelps lost his first sponsor shortly after I filed, when the Kellogg Co. decided not to renew an expiring contract with the Olympics hero. And as if to highlight the changing environment of opinion on marijuana, the company was promptly attacked on at least a couple of major syndicated radio shows: how dare Kellogg declare Phelps to be a threat to their kid-friendly image, people asked, while selling sugar-laden junk food like Smorz cereal and Famous Amos cookies to stoners and slothful, obese American children? Over the next couple of decades, it may well be better for one's reputation to have sold hash brownies than Pop-Tarts.


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Lord Bob:

Your article was, of course, fantastic, but in a way it's also eleven years late. Didn't we sort out that whole "does pot ruin your ability to be a world-class athlete" thing in Nagano with Ross Rebagliati?


Great discussion going on in the comments after your article.

The sugar industry is the one area needing the most scrutiny. I'd really like to see some studies done on which is worse - sugar or pot.


Lord Bob, only if you equate snowboarding with swimming. And probably 50% of the world's population hasn't ever seen snow, but they've all seen water.

I loved the crack about size 14 feet. Brilliant. My wife pointed out that my feet are, um, differently-sized.


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