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Still fighting the last war

My Tuesday column: maybe the NDP should just try to forget that "illicit" audiotape of their caucus conference call instead of pursuing the half-baked legal arguments against it.


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Gord Tulk:

Colby correct me if I am wrong, but if the NDP persists in legal action won't a copy of the tape be made public during the proceedings. If not won't it look bad if the ndp applies to have the call kept secret at this point? Surely they have nothing to hide at this point post the formation of the coalition.

The naivety of jack Layton knows no bounds - surpassed only by Stephan Dion perhaps and maybe iggy (would sign onto anything that Layton dion and duceppe were saying was a good idea?).

The contents of the tape are all over the internet. Their secrecy isn't really at issue now.

Lord Bob:

On the other hand, judging by the horror show that is the NDP website (featuring Every Filter Available in Photoshop CS3 Excitement!), I'm not entirely convinced Jack knows the Internet exists yet.


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