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Stand back, he's going contrarian

Friday's column explains my refusal to get worked up into a libertoidal frenzy over the budget. It's attracting less wrathful mail than I expected; the consensus in my Inbox actually leans closer to "Thank goodness someone made these points." Maybe people are just happy I finally aimed another steel-booted toe at Ignatieff, after praising him for his take on the tar sands (and denouncing linguistic revisionism by oilpatch hirelings). Maybe it's just real hard to tell exactly how many "conservative" parties we have in this country right now: zero, one, or two.


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Lord Bob:

Perhaps most of the remaining Canadian libertarians are already dangling by the neck in their basements.

John Thacker:
Perhaps most of the remaining Canadian libertarians are already dangling by the neck in their basements.

Did they do this recently, or long before? Because, if Colby notes, they're too daft to have noticed that the Tories didn't win a majority and that a majority of Canadians, much less economists, favor some sort of stimulus package, it doesn't speak well of them

Miles Jenkins:

I caught the reference to Nassim Taleb. He must be in pain from laughing so hard at the journalistic response to the current "crisis".

I nominate you, Mr. Cosh, to write, unfooled by randomness, the article of the decade. Sample point to be made: Has anything bad really happened? If I give you $100,000 and then steal $20,000 back, have you had a bad day? If 5 million poor disadvantaged minority people bought their first homes thanks to easy credit, and now two million are losing them, don't three million people still have homes?

The serious point is, any judgment of fiscal policy X or regulatory régime Y must a) look at the net effect of the policy or régime over its entire life span, not just the bad last 6 months, and b) compare that net effect to the net effect of that policy or régime's not being in place over the same period.

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