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Sometimes a giant conical hat is just a giant conical hat

How could I get through 18 years of school without ever hearing about these things? Clearly the people who wore them are crying out for their own Clan of the Cave Bear.


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That's what you get for majoring in a useless field like Philosophy.

Now, had you gone through Anthropology . . .

That's Grabia you're thinking of. I actually majored in history, which sadly does not extend backward to include discussion of the massive calendrical electrum headwear of pre-literate Europeans.

1) Those hats are amazing.

2) I'm going to start referring to my youngest niece as "pre-literate."

Well, jeez, presumably she will get there at some point. Have you been calling her "illiterate"?


"Pre-illiterate." Let's not put too much pressure on the poor girl.

No, I've been calling her "Ollie." Her parents don't seem to like that a whole bunch.


I'd suggest calling the girl "potentially literate". We don't want her to get complacent.

I know I have nobody to blame but myself, but if my brother ever finds out about this thread, he's going to kill me.

Heaven knows what Ollie will think of it, should she ever be able to read it.


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