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In tomorrow's Globe, a follow-up from Robert Wagner

Dr. EvilClearly this breaking story about a Canadian bank CEO's shocking compensation package demands to be read with a Dr. Evil inflection. "Bank of Montreal chief executive officer Bill Downe received just under... six... MILLION... DOLLARS last year." Wowee wow, that's a lot of cabbage. Why, with that kind of money you could take an injured astronaut left barely alive and rebuild him better, faster, and stronger! We have the technology!


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Whenever I'm about to laud you, something comes over me - the realization that you weight 350lbs and are unlikely to survive another 8 years.

How can I or anyone trust a man who is unable to take the most basic care of himself? You're a very intelligent man, Colby, but you have the mind and body of a toddler. Somehow you never passed that stage.

It's a wonder that you're able to fend for yourself - lord knows you're not physically or psychically cabable. Any day now we'll read about how your fat ass gave up it's last gasp of gas - and I'll be one of your few genuine mourners, Old 7.

Nitus, you have written the most pathetic blog comment in the history of the interweb.

Unwarranted personal attack? Check.

Internal contradiction? Check.

Basic errors in English usage? Check.

Just think of all the morons in the world who will never craft a blog comment quite as extraordinary as yours. I feel sorry for those poor bastards, I really do.

Hey! Let the record show that it's an incredibly inaccurate personal attack as well as random. 350?? As if a fat guy needs a shelf-ful of lawnmower engines thrown onto the scale for him by an undermedicated schizophrenic.

Six million dollars? Wow - who does that guy think he is, Pavel Kubina?

Half Canadian:

$6 million for a profitable bank of that size? Clearly, they do things differently up north. In the states, he'd be pulling at least twice that and a plane.

(Plus, the bank would have gone broke buying up worthless mortgages.)

Half Canadian:

Come on, Colby. I did say profitable.

Could Toronto become the North American financial hub of the west? If hard times for Canadian banks is a slight drop in prophets, then I wouldn't put it past them.

Lord Bob:

God, every time I read the Globe I wish this country had a slight drop in prophets...

Lord Bob:

I also feel obliged to point out that if we disqualified our political commentators for being overweight, there'd hardly be anyone left!


If you think BMO, or any Canadian bank is profitable, I gotta bridge to sell you.

There's no way that RBC would be issuing perpetual preferred at 9% if they had any other options. Our "protectors," the OSC and the department of Finance, are just more captured than the Americans'. That should terrify you. It terrifies me.

Quick example: How big is the hole in CHMC's balance sheet? I dunno, but I bet it's related to the number that the Feds are guaranteeing MI's debts for: 80 billion or so.

So, yeah, BMO's CEO making $6 million offends me. I'd be happy if it's real comp for creating value, but I strongly suspect that it's not.


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