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Shorter Stéphane Dion

With an economic crisis looming, now is not the time for childish political vendettas. Unless, of course, you've got an ongoing beef with CTV! In that case, feel free to act like a total dink.

In other news, would somebody tell Future Deputy Prime Minister Jack Layton that you can't logically surrender your autonomy and assert it at the same time? There are millions of Canadians literally praying for the New Democratic Party to behave as though it has an independent existence, Jack; it's not polite to torture them needlessly.


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Yes, and now Layton has conceded the NDP's position vis-a-vis Afghanistan. At the end of the day, the only one who hasn't compromised himself in this coaltion is Gilles Duceppe.

In fact, after watching question period yesterday, he appeared to be the de facto leader of the coalition.

From a strictly strategic perspective, the west needs to learn from Quebec: Form a Federal Western separatist party whose only raison d'etre is to extort as much money from the confederation as possible. As is now plainly obvious, it is the surest way to power and influence.

Garth Wood:

A modest proposal for the name of this new party:

"Western Phalanx"

Hey, it's better than "Western Canada Concept," and calls to mind action (rather than "Bloc Quebecois," which calls to mind a bunch of dopes sitting on their asses being intransigent and sucking off the Federal teat for their retirement pensions).



Fascinating to listen to the media and pro coalition forces express sympathy for Quebecers whose feelings are certainly now hurt because the separatist party they regulalry elect to Federal parliament has been called a "separatist" party.

Beggars belief.

Was that timeline a demonstration that the Liberals have a vendetta against CTV, or that nobody trusts them enough to lend out a $1500 Canon XL1*?

*Chosen as a more or less minimalist camera that can produce video that would look acceptable on TV. Real pro field cameras in real pro formats are 1.5-3x more.


The camera issue almost makes one wonder if it wasn't deliberate...I mean, how could you appeal to the nation on a cell phone camera?? Maybe it was directed at the youth vote??

Prime Minister D.. Di...Dio...

can't say it.

Garth Wood:

Or perhaps directed at the "Cloverfield" vote.

Oh wait.  Same thing.  My bad.



The BlairWitch-Cloverfield Coalition, with support from the Beta Association of America...

Prime Minister Dio is a fucking GREAT idea.


Highly amusing. The Liberals under Dion can't even produce a short video and deliver on time. They do more damage to their cause, left to themselves, than Harper could dream of doing.

As for the GGs decision, it was more or less what I anticipated. A Liberal/NDP coalition only has 114 seats to Harpers 143. A coalition would need a majority to form a government, traditionally, and while the Bloc may have pledged support, that's not good enough.

I only hope that the noodleheads who continue to support these jokers will stay home when we inevitable face the polls again in the new year.


Question, Mr. Cosh: (I posted this at Kinsella's site, hoping for a response. Perhaps you can clarify it for me?):

I've been harping on this for awhile now, but I just watched Bob Rae's turn at the mic from yesterday (again for the fifth time).

"...our coalition partners."

Notice the plural form. Shouldn't it be partner?

You see, someone stupid and non partisan such as myself wonders how the two party coalition, with support from the Bloq, has now morphed into just a "coalition."

Early on in the week, reporters were chastising the Cons for "incorrectly" calling it a three party coalition, when it was, according to them, a two party coalition, with formal support from the Bloq.

Between Brad Levigne's pronouncements and now Bob Rae, I remain quite confused.

Is it a two party coalition with support from the Bloq, or is it a full three party coalition? Is it an accord, wrapped in a coalition, inside a power sharing agreement?

Just curious

Could someone clarify it for me? Or has this whole charade just been a distinction without a difference?


Dio for PM supporters, your time is now:



Prime Minister Dio has more support now than Dion does...


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