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Shorter Philip Authier

Stéphane Dion has saved the sovereigntist movement in Quebec, and it's only going to cost Alberta and the other "have" provinces a billion dollars to do it.


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Golson Molden:

You mean a billion dollars down payment?

Something is horribly wrong when a politician brags about forcing a politican of the opposite sex "onto their knees" twice in a single interview.

Hah! I thought that was weird too. My suspicion is that that was given in French (the interview) and that it doesn't have the same connotations there. Either that or the PQ leader is incredibly vulgar.

Hey Colby, did you ever dream about a Diplomacy game? Maybe have a dream that you were playing Russia, and Satan had drawn Turkey, and offered a Juggernaut on generous terms?

Did you ever have that dream?

Do you think Stephane Dion is having that dream right now? Do you think in his dream, Satan looks a bit like Gilles Duceppe?

(Sorry, I don't know enough about Diplomacy to figure out an appropriate 3-way alliance that would give Layton a metaphorical representation.)

She's French, isn't getting on her knees just her way of giving a friendly howdy-do?

Half Canadian:

This unhealthy relationship between Quebec and the rest of Canada, like a marriage between an indifferent lady and a man eager to please, has got to stop (this just being the latest example as to why). Why doesn't someone call Quebec's bluff (or promise) and cut their equalization payments to be on par with the rest of the country?

Because the Liberals (or Conservatives) would mine them for votes.

Time for a referendum on whether they are allowed to stay in Canada.

Lord Bob:

Really? Geez, I was in the wrong parts of Montreal, then.

Sam Mikes:

What "other have provinces"? I thought it was just us... Or have Newfoundland's and Saskatchewan's transition plans finally expired?

Garth Wood:

I don't think any of you understand.  When the Troika get finished re-jigging the equalization formula, by definition the only "have" province will be Alberta.

Makes things so much simpler.  After all, as Barbie once said, "Math is hard!"

BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan are all above the shame line.

Nfld and Lbrdr are in transition (translation: too rich for equalization, too greedy to let go).

That's for 08-09. As was widely reported, Ontario is descending below the "shame line."


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