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Is that... Conservative Jesus... with boobs?

Clearly the most suitable medium for the depiction of the late constitutional showdown in the House of Commons was always going to be hairless 3-D homunculi floating freely in an abstract psychedelic universe. And, fortunately, today we have the technology to produce such images almost instantly. Americans who can still afford decent chronic are studying this diagram (recommended soundtrack: Aoxomoxoa) and going "Oh shit, it all makes perfect sense to me now."


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Garth Wood:

Looks like it was done using Poser 7 and the "Victoria" series of Millenium Women from DAZ.

It also looks like it was thrown together in about 30 seconds.  Honestly, why can't more Poserphiles learn that it's actually called "Poser" for a reason?


K Kramer:

It looks like the big one is baby-sitting the other 3 (or 4? Green Party, wtf?). Was that not the intended meaning? I have a bigger problem understanding where the coup d'etat fits in, but then I lack both chronic and Grateful Dead here at work.

Lord Bob:

Brilliant or horrifying? I just can't decide.


Big boobs I think.... Or muscle, dunno?
I think the concept here is that all the political guys are crawling all over him to topple him over. That's what I get out of it.
Definite Victoria looki..... huh, all guys?
That's weird? I would have figured such a critic would at least look at the basic before doing some ego name dropping.
Thanks for the hits ColbyCosh. com


At some point, 3D animation, like nuclear weapons, simply became too easy.


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