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Flight into the past

MiltonAt least there's one space in your Friday morning paper that devotes itself to the finer things and rises above the political muck. At least one columnist should have noted, I thought, that John Milton, almost unobserved, has turned 400.


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well done, I say, well done!


Excellent piece, Mr. Cosh. Perhaps you can shed some light on this, but do you have an opinion as to why the Human Rights Commissions (the people involved in prosecuting complaints) seem to have such an ahistorical grasp of their own function? In other words, why is it that they seem to see themselves as separate from, or even above, the profound debates on freedom of speech/the press/censorship/truth and power that precedes them? Has history ended for these people? Or are the writings of Milton et al concerning these crucial questions historical curiousities to be noted in passing or completely ignored? I ask because I find it incomprehensible that state functionaries in charge of regulating speech seem to have so little historical grounding in the very process they are so engaged.


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