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Both barrels

OK, so I finally watched the shoe video:

Nothing in the prior headlines emphasized sufficiently, for my money, that this dude gets off a second shot. He actually has time to take off his other shoe and throw it, missing Bush's right ear by, oh I don't know, maybe an inch and a half? Is it just me or do some Secret Service asses need to be gnawed light-to-moderately here? Fellas, I know you only expect to really earn those pensions about once every 20 years or so, but as far as I can tell you weren't even the ones who took out Mr. Crocs of Death. Your predecessors moved faster when Bush Sr. ralphed on Emperor Hirohito that one time.

On the other hand, judging by the fact that NBC broke in on regular programming for this, maybe the bar has just really been lowered. I'm old school: when I see the SPECIAL REPORT graphic I think "Oh, God, what happened to the space shuttle this time?" Nope, Lester Holt is just feeling frisky today and wants to make sure you see "Can Prezdent Has Shoes?" before you catch it on YouTube.


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Eric Grant:

Now it could be just a cover for Iraqi security, but it looks like on the video that this zappatisto was taken out by another local journalist, one who keeps hold of his notebook throughout.

Byron Fast:

I'll bet $20 with anyone that this was actually a ploy by Nike or whoever for a viral ad. Maybe it's for a new brand of "Dog" shoes.


New meaning to the US obsession with "Shoe Bombers".

Or, shades of Krushchev.


Lord Bob:

Just goes to show that if Bush could run for the leadership of Iraq, he'd be a shoe-in.

Garth Wood:

Lord Bob:

Allow me to be the first to say, "Ewwwww, stinkeroo."


Lord Bob, I'd suggest you hold your tongue. This Iraqi clearly has the upper hand.


Lord Bob, I'd suggest you hold your tongue. This Iraqi clearly has the upper hand.


We're told the Arab world was enthused by this attack. How soon 'til al-Zaidi tries this stunt on Mubarak in his native Cairo?

It's at least possible that this will be a good thing... That the people cheering about this brazen disrespect shown to a Western office holder will realize that in we in America have a range of expression available to us that's not present in their own nations.

Of course, we have other problems....


To put the shoe on the other foot, so to speak...and thus extend what I think is Crid's point: imagine what might have happened to a journalist who dared to throw a pair of loafers at Saddam Hussein?

Bush actually made that point. It's a pretty awesome monologue from him - he talks about free society and people trying to draw attention to themselves, comments that he didn't feel threatened and then says that the man was effective because the reporters are asking him questions.

In the high-def version of the footage, I swear to God there's a weird gleam of delight in Bush's eye when he bounces back up from the first throw. It's almost like he's thinking "At last, one of these reporters confronts me like something resembling a man! Bring it, bitch!"

That very first reflex of Bush's is unquestionably the reflex of someone who knows the chin-music. I, for one, was very impressed.

I also don't know how you can watch this NBC special report without being reminded of Dana Carvey doing Tom Brokaw.


Sorry about the double post. I'd meant that to be my sole effort.

Paul Dubuc:

"In the high-def version of the footage, I swear to God there's a weird gleam of delight in Bush's eye when he bounces back up from the first throw."

Bush clearly has fighter pilot reflexes. He had Zaidi's fastbrogue "timed" by the second pitch -- leading to a less exaggerated evasion.

Had there been a third shoe, I daresay he might have snagged it one handed.

Devin McCullen:

I think he'd taken the second shoe off beforehand, although I can't be sure. Although why not pick both of them up at the start, I don't know.


He took off the second shoe after throwing the first - he assumes the "grab shoe from foot" position shortly after throwing the first one. They must not have been on very tight, though - he didn't untie it before taking it off. One wonders if he practiced - those thows were pretty solidly on target.

I wonder if the guy got his shoes back, or if the shoes will end up in the W. Presidential Library at SMU? His dad has a big chunk of the Berlin Wall next to his library.


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