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An education with gaps

I took more of a beating that I thought on the Film Addict test: I've seen only 61.2% of the IMDB's 250 highest-rated movies. It's surprising how often I am sorry I skipped so many of the labs in my film-studies class.


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Oh, please, 10.8% over here! And thats only thanks to Python and LotR and Star Wars. I could have cheated and gotten an extra couple percent, but I decided not to include all the movies I've downlo...er, legally purchased and watched half an hour or so of before deciding that either I have worse cultural ADD than I thought or that lots of "cinema classics" are just bad.

I'm happy with this result:

"You are 52.8% addicted.

Your friend, Cosh, is 61.2% addicted.
Too bad. You better get watching!"

Never having had a film-studies class, and not into, er, Euro deep-stuff, I don't feel too bad.

On the other hand, age may help exposure.


Sorry about "result" link above, my actual results:

Upon reflection, about half-addicted seems rather reassuring.



I thought your score kinda sucked, until I compared my own - 40.4%.

My results


Hi, Cosh. I got 92.4%


I have high-functioning autism and no social life. That said, you totally need to see The Hustler (may he rest in peace).


Only 52%....I'm certainly low on the older classics...



But I resisted the temptation to check books I've read and plays I've seen.

Cosh, I commend you for taking a pass on The Green Mile and Crash ("The title says it all!") but ALIEN!? Too close to home?

Also, Haggis really redeemed himself with Casino Royale, so your status as a cultural observer is hereby suspended until you get with the franchise canon.

I passed on a couple of possible partial credits: I've read the screenplay, for example, to Battle of Algiers. I never did see Alien or Rocky: not coincidentally these are movies from just before the pre-VHS era, and I grew up roughly 22 miles from the nearest theatre.


It's in the era you just described of course, but JAWS???

Garth Wood:

45.6% addicted, myself.

And you know what?  I'm just fine with that.  (If anything, I'm thinkin' I've wasted too much of my life watching movies and TV rather than doing stuff...)


Half Canadian:


You have got to see Infernal Affairs. Best Chinese movie I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them.

There's a reason why they ripped it off with "The Departed". Excellent story.


Colby, you should have scored a little better.

I know you've seen these but your results say you didn't:

Manchurian Candidate
A Streetcar Named Desire (we went to see the restored version at the Princess)
Rosemary's Baby
Duck Soup (at Don's)

I'm also pretty sure you saw Singin' in the Rain.

So retake the test. No one's impressed if you're the first one finished, hot shot.

grey wall:

How is that you haven't seen dark knight? Its a movie begging for a cosh column, or at least a blogpost.

Also, I got 41%.


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