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I was on my way

...to the Royal Bison craft fair today when I saw this in the parking lot of a gas station:

The greatest work of art in human history

I'm afraid I couldn't take any other folk art too seriously after this beauty. You lose, everybody else.

The greatest work of art in human history (detail)


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Damn. I forgot the fair was today. Get anything good?

So the stagecoach is both a gas-powered hot rod, AND a 4-horse wagon?

The juxtaposition of expertly-rendered horses and ineptly-rendered human figures (the guy is just a noseless troll; I get that. The girl appears to be missing a leg) is clearly some sort of similarly grand Statement.

Friends of Colby: are we sure that brain-overpressure thing was cured last week? Does someone who actually lives in Edmonton need to go over to his place and make sure he's not, I dunno, archiving his urine or something?


I can tell you his urine archiving started in elementary school. So don't worry about it.


Zomg, how dare you suggest that a redneck shag-wagon mural is art, even with tongue in cheek?

Heh, I like to tell people that the blobby trails of off-hue spraypaint I used to cover up the rust marks on my pickup truck are actually Pollack-inspired urban art.

Maybe next time I'll glue some rainbow colored flavored condoms on there instead, and qualify for a grant.

Colby Cosh goes to craft fairs? Wow. My worldview just took a little jolt.

Fuck it. You're off my list.


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