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This is pretty much how I got into the business

From Again With The Comics, the Al Williamson-inked tale of a guy who just would not shut up about the goddamn robots. (Warning: may contain traces of political metaphor.)


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I...wow...that was even funnier than the Louis CK one. Or maybe there's a gas leak in here.

Oh, it's all fun and games until the robots learn similes.

BTW, I not only look forward to Colby's future series on the Robot Menace, I hope you will do your subsequent lecture series wearing that fetching shirt on page 3.


Only the best science fiction could anticipate Jerome Corsi so expertly.

I just don't remember Alberta Report having a robots section ...

Magnus, Robot Fighter:

Excuse me, did someone say "robots"?

Lord Bob:

I, for one, can't wait until somebody programs a robot to write hackneyed, so-thinly-veiled-you-could-wipe-it-off political mumbo-jumbo...


In many of my unpublished sci-fi epics, robots are higher on the totem pole than the poor unmodified humans.

Why spend money sending robots to do dangerous labor out in space when the poor are cheaper and easier to replace?


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