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Column update

My Friday Olympics column is now online.


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Wow, that column is going to hit so close to home for the COC and its group of athletes that I think only one thing will keep Cosh from being murdered in broad daylight when an angry Olympian decides to strangle him with the ribbon from their medal...

...none of them will be coming home with one!


I find your logic lacking with regards to the Chinese girl lip-sync. Yes, artists often lip-sync performances. And yes, I'd guess if presented with two girls of roughly equal talent, just about every organizing committee in virtually every country in the world would pick the one considered more physically attractive.

But that's not what happened here. The closest comparable to what the Chinese organizers did would be Milli-Vanilli. And not just Milli-Vanilli, but Milli-Vanilli at one of the most watched television events in the world.


I guess I'm missing this, but why is it a bad thing for Canadians to be upset that we aren't on the board yet? We are a country after all, and that is our team, and it's usually fine for someone to not be happy when their team doesn't win.


If the worst people can up with is young-looking gymnasts and a lip-synced performance, after looking in every corner for evidence of chinese misconduct, I'd say China has done well.

As for the medal situation, well . . . Canada never does very well at the olympics. It's not from a lack of funding - our olympic funding is more than adequate for a country this size.

As a nation we are apathetic regarding sport [though we like to make-believe otherwise] and our athletes lack the *hunger that takes the podium.

The closest comparable to what the Chinese organizers did would be Milli-Vanilli.

What amazes me is they didn't just kill ugly singer girl afterwards. That would be more in line with their standard operating procedure. Instead, someone talked, and now someone will pay very dearly.

Enjoy your Olympics! (A nail brush will get those red stains right off, by the way.)


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