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Oilers appoint new GM in surprise announcement

Separated at birth: Steve Tambellini and Chris CooperThe new guy was terrific in American Beauty, but does he know anything about hockey? Definitely a bold hire.


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Just remember, Chris Cooper up there is such an incredible talent that the only person who could beat him out for the GM job in Vancouver was, er, Naslund's agent.

Congratulations Edmonton, you're doing a heckuva job.

Congratulations Edmonton, you're doing a heckuva job.

Yeah Pavel Bure! Go 1994 Canucks!

So if I understand you, RC, you're saying that Vancouver and Edmonton are expressing disagreement about the market value of a front-office guy... and you're confident that the Vancouver side has it right.

Fuck, maybe they shouldn't legalize sportsbooks in this country. You'd be down there every weekend frantically doubling up on the Washington Generals.

Gord Tulk:

so the first hire under Katz' ownership (assuming bucky was decided before the takeover) is someone outside of the oilers organization (good) with zero previous experience at the job (not so good).

My question to Katz would be "is this how you hire at Rexall?".


My first thought was that he looked like the man who invented the internet.


Whoops! Drop one little comment, and all heck breaks loose in Albertaland.

Okay, yes, as of right now Vancouver and Edmonton are neck-and-neck in the least-probable-source-of-GM-talent competition.

Devin McCullen:

While I've liked Chris Cooper in lots of other stuff, I wouldn't pick out his character in American Beauty. But that's more because I hated that character. I guess he did about as good a job as possible with it.


I think it was the Academy's failure to give him so much as a Best Actor nomination for "Breach" that drove him into changing his career.


I dunno.

Dude didn't do so hot running Treadstone...



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