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99 for danceability

It is wrong that I actually kind of like dark-horse HNIC theme candidate "Hockey Scores"?

(þ: CiO)


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Didn't they pull this song from the competition? Mirtle had a whole story about this.

Ah, ok I went to CiO and then followed through to Boutet's story at the post. What CBC should do is commission Trent Reznor to write lyrics for this. It kind of has a NIN feel to it.

I just hope whoever wins steals the rat-tat-tat-tat-HONNNNNK ending.

Shouldn't we maybe be having a parallel contest to discover public-domain works of symphonic music that could be used as a theme, à la Elvira Madigan, at a cost of considerably less than $100,000?


I would change my whole position on the CBC if they used that as the HNIC opening. Especially effective is the 10 seconds of silence on the end of it. (It goes without saying that the show would be renamed HOCKY NIGHT IN CANADA.)

This feels like the bastard lovechild of MS Paint and a metric shitton of LSD.

To answer Colby's original question, yes.


It's whack. But why do I like it?

God Bless Hocky indeed.

Naw, I kinda like it, too. I have no clue why.


After a few drinks, I can think seriously about this. The CBC should definitely lean this way. Maybe, this is a little much. BUT. BUT. The original song was ANTHEM. All the other songs on the CBC gallery are either weak impersonation or crappy warmed over FOX Football/Metal 70s stuff. Some (perhaps mildly weaker version, and I stress mildly) would definitely be the new HNIC song.


I don't pay a lot of attention to television, but somebody linked me to this in irc the other day. I don't think I've laughed that hard in years.

As I was picking myself off the floor some minutes later, it occured to me that none of the americans, europeans, or other non-canadians in the channel would have the slightest idea why I found this so funnny.


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