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That big Coshery roundup I promised is here

I probably linked to some of these already, but they'll give you a chance to look for anything you might have missed...

Date: May 16
Hed: The Supreme Court's young-offender decision: All bets are off for journalists
Keywords: youth justice, teenaged murderers, R. v. D.B., reverse onus, publication bans, Marshall Rothstein, look ma, s.7 confers positive rights

Date: May 23
Hed: Let Oscar run
Keywords: Pistorius, South African, no legs, sprinter, carbon-fibre blades, Court of Arbitration for Sport, Les MacPherson was an incredibly good sport about the whole thing

Date: May 23
Hed: Barbara Kay vs. Mary Jane
Keywords: marijuana, legalize it, editorial board response, made-up statistics about potency

Date: May 29
Hed: Stifling abortion debate on campus defiles a house of liberal study
Keywords: pro-life, student fees, freedom of speech, student-politician wankers, York University, sexism as capital crime

Date: May 30
Hed: The necessity of HUMINT
Keywords: Canadian Forces, military intelligence, secrets, budgets, espionage, Afghanistan, Dawn Black, NDP, Taliban, sometimes hard to tell the difference

Date: June 4
Hed: Copenhagen Consensus: Focus on undernourished children, not your carbon footprint
Keywords: Climate change, Third World, micronutrients, vitamin A, zinc, iron, folic acid, HIV, AIDS, retroviral drugs, Bjorn Lomborg, iodized salt, mitigation vs. adaptation, how about we make sure everybody eats

Date: June 6
Hed: In B.C., sock puppets behaving badly
Keywords: Maclean's, Muslims, Human Rights Tribunal, Khurrum Awan, Mark Steyn, Julian Porter, caught telling porkies

Date: June 6
Hed: The folly of carbon taxes
Keywords: Cap-and-trade, Dalton McGuinty, Jean Charest, progressivity vs. effectiveness, loopholes, NEP 2, great timing Stéphane

Date: June 13
Hed: Censoring B. C.'s health care jewel
Keywords: evidence-based medicine, no free lunch, Therapeutics Initiative, big pharma, Vioxx, George Abbott, dumbest idea ever


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