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Seeing as it's 2008...

Eric Brewer...I demand, I say demand, to know why one-time-future-All-Star Eric Brewer still isn't really worth a hot shit on a summer's day. When I criticized Brewer back in the Time of Troubles for being an oversized nonentity, his defenders rushed to tell me all about what a great shooter he was: any of you guys want to check on his goal-scoring total from last season (playing nearly 25 minutes a night) and give me the same spiel? Do a -18 plus-minus, a -6 Corsi number [explanation], and a 2:1 penalties taken-drawn ratio (with 87 PIM) look like Hall of Fame credentials to you? No, wait, lemme guess, he's only 29 so it's crazy to think he's reached his peak.


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Well in fairness I only jumped on you because I thought you were ripping Carl Brewer.

My bad.



A 2:1 penalties taken-drawn ratio is not actually that bad for a Dman.

Now THAT'S faint praise!

It's not that bad but a) the good ones tend to be at more like 1:1 (although Lidstrom was 17-3 for some reason) and b) Brewer has a high raw total. Montreal's entire defence was pretty close to 1:1.

Ken D:

Just wondering if your love of Wade Redden is as strong now as it was in 2005?

That's homerism—different issue. I don't think I ever said "It sure would be great if the Oilers signed Redden for $60M/5y" or anything like that. (Fingers crossed)


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