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Sometimes the answer is right in front of your electroreceptors

I don't know about you, but I'd say the prime suspect here has to be Bindi Irwin, doesn't it?


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Too soon, man.

C'mon, don't make me start doing my legendarily obnoxious take on The Aristocrats here.

Lord Bob:

This is the Internet. Around here, Steve Irwin's death became fair game the instant the blood stopped flowing.

the lemonheads:

It's a shame about ray...


"Revenge is sweet", says the little moppet.


I like this quote from the coppers:

"...it's unfortunate that this incident occurred, so we give it whatever priority that we feel is necessary..."

You can just see the guy suppressing a smirk as he says that. He continues "...and we'll also work on the case whenever we feel that it's necessary, whenever that is. As necessary, you see. When required to preserve order, innit. Well, not often, you see. But when we feel it necessary, or when the lads are drunk and need a good laugh, I imagine we'll pull the file. Who knows, they might solve it- I just hope if they do they remember it the next day."


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