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One reason to keep buying print magazines:

Durham BullsPhotos like this classic, snapped by the Toledo Blade's Jeremy Wadsworth, that ran in the Mar. 3 Sports Illustrated alongside a feature on Rays superprospect Evan Longoria. The photo shows Longoria's Durham Bulls teammates reacting to an "explosive" game-tying home run in a 2007 International League playoff game. (Six months later, other newspapers were still raving about both the moon shot and the snapshot.)


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Stereotypically, the one blonde girl in the picture (upper left) is too busy chatting with a friend to even notice what just happened.

Come to think of it, the one blond boy in the picture is too busy staring at the camera to notice what just happened. Think he's embarrassed when he sees the famous picture?

Rod Blaine:

Isn't the correct Attic Greek case (accusative singular) evan longorian?


not much of a reason considering its on flcikr


Anybody want to bet on which team Longoria will be playing for in 5 years? The Yanks, Mets or Red Sox? The Rays won't be able to afford him and off he'll go in a 'building for the future' trade. I really feel sorry for these small market teams.

not much of a reason considering its on flcikr

I would never have seen it if I hadn't found it in the magazine. And neither would you.

Anybody want to bet on which team Longoria will be playing for in 5 years?

Since his major-league service time hasn't even started yet, I'll put a stack of chips on "the Tampa Bay Rays". Also, Stuart Sternberg has a pretty big assload of money, and Tampa isn't a "small market."


The main reason for that is the tradition must go on.


Why get print magazines when you can get such great commentary online, from, say, Bob McKenzie:


Poor him, glad I don't have his job. :p

Hey RHebner, send me your address and I'll come pick up my winnings.


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