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@FullComment.com: Do you feel lucky, punk?

A Saturday diversion: meet the crazy-ass new handgun that supposedly has Canada's street soldiers (and perhaps its professional carjackers?) quaking in their boots.


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James Fulford:

As far as I know, loading .410 shotshells in a revolver makes it less dangerous to humans, not more. .410 shotshells hold less than half an ounce of very fine shot. .410 slugs weigh only eighty-seven grains, which is less than half the weight of the bullet that a .45 Taurus fires.

The idea of firing .410 shot from a handgun is to make it more dangerous to snakes and small game, which you might miss with a single bullet, but it won't do much damage to people.

Ask Dick Cheney's friend Harry Whittington, who was shot in the face with a 28-gauge, and was up and about the next day.


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